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  • 2 months ago
    New Teaching Resources & Stop Motion Superheroes

    It's a spring newsletter for Streetside friends!

    Spring news for Streetside friends. | | (415) 864-5221 People judge me by my unibrow, but I was born with it and my parents say I look good. Kids say I ... See more

    3 months ago
    Photos from Streetside Stories's post

    On Friday, Streetside's programs team went to the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts to see the 31st annual Solo Mujeres exhibition, DIFFUSED REFLECTIONS. Streetside Teaching Artist, Breena ... See more

    4 months ago
    Photos from Streetside Stories's post

    How would you draw yourself in a comic?

    Teaching Artist, Lawrence Lindell brings diverse comics to Flynn Elementary's after school program, and helps students explore their confidence through ... See more

    5 months ago
    Photos from Streetside Stories's post

    “It was empowering for me to see my students proudly sharing their works, comforting each other, and affirming each other’s artworks, feelings, and identities.”

    Streetside Stories teaching ... See more