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As of August 2018, Streetside Stories is now a program of Performing Arts Workshop!

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senstudent-with-logoWe believe that young people have important stories that deserve to be heard, and we hold a deep respect for students’ voices. Our storytelling workshops engage young people in creative, inquiry-driven learning that focuses on developing their capacity as storytellers through literary arts, media arts, visual arts, and performance. Each workshop averages 20 hours of direct instruction over 12 weeks and aligns with Common Core academic standards and National Core Arts standards. Students explore their stories through written work, photography, animation, poetry, performance, and creative media arts applications like e-books and digital comics.

Streetside aims to provide arts and literacy enrichment programming for Bay Area students most impacted by opportunity gaps in arts education. We serve youth in grades K-8 on-site at after-school programs, community centers, public housing sites, and through schools where at least 50% of the students are eligible for free and reduced price meals. The most recent demographic data from partner school sites suggests that 78% of Streetside students come from low-income families, 49% are English language learners, and 93% are students of color.

Our teaching staff is made up of local artists, writers, and poets who identify as both community artists and creative educators. They collaborate within a professional learning community to support each other and students in taking positive risks, reflecting on their learning, and thinking critically.

In-School Workshops

These workshops integrate into regular course work on-site in Bay Area public schools.

The Storytelling Exchange

Students craft personal stories through a writing process that incorporates storytelling and literary arts.

•  12 hours of instruction over 3-6 weeks
•  Grade Levels: 3 – 8

Stories In Motion

Students use iPads to create media arts projects that reinforce core classroom subjects. Select workshops include professional development, coaching and collaborative instruction that supports teachers’ integration of media arts in core subject areas. 

•  16 hours of instruction for students over 8 weeks.
•  Additional 8 hours of coaching for classroom teachers, and 4 hours of professional development and collaborative lesson planning.
•  Grade Levels: 4 – 8

Community Workshops

These workshops take place in after-school hours and during the summer months at schools, community centers, and public housing sites.

Stories Out Loud

This workshop cultivates student voice through the creation and sharing of personal narratives and in activities that emphasize the literary and visual arts.

•  20 hours of instruction over 13 weeks
•  Grade Levels: K – 8

Visual Voices

Students use iPads to fuse writing, visual, and media arts into digital stories. Culminating projects include e-books, animation, digital comics, and photography.

•  20 hours of instruction over 13 weeks
•  Grade Levels: 3 – 8

Stories in Communities

Students strengthen art and literacy skills through storytelling activities that emphasize the literary and visual arts. This is our longest-duration workshop and is designed to serve students who live in public housing sites.

•  40 hours of instruction over 13 weeks
•  Grade Levels: K – 8

In each workshop, students:

  • Observe, analyze and discuss artwork created by well-known and culturally relevant artists, their Teaching Artists, and fellow students
  • Discuss the artist’s approach; segue into skill building through individual story sharing, writing, and visual arts activities
  • Write stories rooted in their own personal experiences, with an emphasis on the writing process
  • Explore and express their own stories through the creation of a culminating project that includes self-portrait photography, digital comics, animations, narrated slide shows, or e-book creation designed to develop language and media arts skills in line with National Core Arts Standards
  • Enhance their story narratives by incorporating photography, freehand illustrations, creative techniques, and newly acquired technical skills to edit their work independently
  • (In select workshops) Use iPads and media arts apps to create culminating projects
  • Make aesthetic decisions to communicate a message
  • Work collaboratively with their peers to reflect on and improve their artistry
  • Perform and showcase their work

They made a comfortable environment which actually allowed some classmates to share our work a lot more than I expected.

 –  Student at James Denman Middle School

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